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Coronavirus COVID19 Forecast (updated: 2020-03-05)

2020-02-12 2020-02-18 2020-02-24 2020-03-01 2020-03-06 2020-03-12
76,396 79,630 89,332 106,921 132,657
2020-03-18 2020-03-24 2020-03-30 2020-04-06 2020-04-12 2020-04-18 2020-04-24
164,588 242,331 356,794 560,311 1,071,684 2,049,767 3,920,507
2020-05-01 2020-05-06 2020-05-12 2020-05-18 2020-05-24 2020-06-01 2020-06-06
8,354,484 14,342,266 21,116,759 26,199,589 32,505,864 40,330,066 50,037,565
2020-06-12 2020-06-18 2020-06-24 2020-07-01 2020-07-06 2020-07-12 2020-07-18
62,081,670 77,024,807 95,564,776 124,326,084 154,251,530 191,380,070 246,136,001
2020-07-24 2020-08-01 2020-08-06 2020-08-12 2020-08-18 2020-08-24 2020-09-01
294,598,928 365,509,265 453,487,809 562,642,901 750,105,724 897,797,728 1,113,898,782
2020-09-06 2020-09-12 2020-09-18 2020-09-24 2020-10-01 2020-10-06 2020-10-12
1,382,015,634 1,714,668,554 2,285,966,276 2,736,061,416 3,394,634,875 4,211,727,804 5,225,496,038
2020-10-18 2020-10-24 2020-11-01 2020-11-06 2020-11-12 2020-11-18 2020-11-24
6,720,567,606 6,720,567,606 6,720,567,606 6,720,567,606 6,720,567,606 6,720,567,606 6,720,567,606
Comments: It is thought that a weak immune system causes the infectious death rate to reach 19.63% (80.37% survival rate). However, those with a very strong immune system may not experience any symptoms at all; which is estimated to be an infectious death rate of only 0.963% (99% survival rate). The infectious are thought to have no symptoms for the first 3 to 24 days (incubation period). The recommended quarantine is 24 days with a virus home furnace/air filter; such 3M virus filter for around $19. In public, 3 layers of clothes and a virus mask can help. It appears that the self-quarantine efforts are working as the humans are all working together to contain the virus. However, please use extreme caution. It is being estimated (not guaranteed) on 2020-03-06 that the vaccines will be ready for human trials sometime from 2020-03-06 to 2021-09-09. The timeline is so many months because there are at least two phases of the roll-out of the vaccine. They second phase is estimated around 2020-06-06 to 2021-06-06 and then after all of the data from the multiple human trials is collected and analyzed to be verified as safe for the general population that becomes in need of the vaccines, then it should be ready in limited supply in 2022.

BENNN MONEY Comments: Palladium is remaining flat, since the coronavirus has decreased the quantity of catalytic converters from the new China 2020-01 clean air mandate for all new 2020 and beyond automobiles/motor bikes. Therefore, Palladium & Palladium mining will likely increase after the coronavirus has been eliminated from China when there are more vehicles on the streets and mainly more vehicles being purchased of the years 2020 and beyond.
Conclusion: Palladium is expected to rise around 2020-11 and Tron (TRX) is expected to rise from 2020-01 to 2020-06. The price of oil is also expected to rise after the coronavirus ends around 2020-11.

评论人们认为免疫系统较弱会导致传染性死亡率达到19.63%(存活率 80.37%)。但是,那些免疫系统非常强的人可能根本没有任何症状。据估计,该病的传染性死亡率仅为0.963%(存活率 99%)。认为感染者在最初的3至24天(潜伏期)没有症状。建议的隔离是使用病毒家用炉/空气过滤器的24天检疫;这种 3M病毒过滤器的价格约为19美元。在公共场所,可以穿3层衣服和戴防毒面具。似乎自检疫工作正在奏效,因为人类都在共同努 力遏制该病毒。但是,请格外小心。据估计,从鼻子或嘴中呼出微小的水滴,COVID19可以在干燥的表面上在水中生存6至9 天和12至18天。表面包括:金属;木;纸;塑料;胶乳;玻璃; & 更多。它也可以很容易地从一个物种传到另一个物种(从狗到人类;等等)。据估计(无法保证),疫苗将于2020-03-06到2020-03-06到2021-09-09 的某个时间进行人体试验。时间安排如此之多,因为疫苗至少分两个阶段推出。他们的第二阶段预计在2020年6月6日至 2021年6月6日左右进行,然后在收集并分析了来自多个人体试验的所有数据后,经过验证,这些数据对需要疫苗的普通人群而 言是安全的,那么它应该在2022年供不应求。

BENNN MONEY 评论由于冠状病毒减少了新《中国2020-01年清洁空气指令》(适用于所 有2020年及以后的所有机动车及摩托车)的催化转化器的数量,钯金保持不变。 因 此,在街上有更多车辆行驶且主要是在2020年及以后购买的车辆较多的情况下,从中国淘汰冠状病毒后,钯和钯的开采量可能会增 加。
结论:钯金有望在2020-11年左右上涨,而Tron(TRX)有望在2020-01至 2020-06年间上涨。 冠状病毒在2020-11年 左右结束后,石油价格也有望上涨。

Alternative COVID19 Real-Time Maps:,,

Perhaps, INOVIO (NASDAQ:INO) can save thousands or millions of humans & animals (hopefully)! Please do not do it for the money if you are going to buy, do it for the humans & animals.


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INOVIO BREAKING NEWS (2020-01): Latest News

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