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(screenshot below is from 2020-01-20)

coronavirus forecast

2020-02-12 2020-02-18 2020-02-24 2020-03-01 2020-03-06 2020-03-12
74,396 80,390 82,997 83,713 80,606
2020-03-18 2020-03-24 2020-03-30 2020-04-06 2020-04-12 2020-04-18 2020-04-24
56,522 20,208 3,382 184 9 6 3


Comments: It is thought that a weak immune system causes the infectious death rate to reach 19.63% (80.37% survival rate). However, those with a very strong immune system may not experience any symptoms at all; which is estimated to be an infectious death rate of only 0.963% (99% survival rate). The infectious are thought to have no symptoms for the first 3 to 24 days (incubation period). The recommended quarantine is 24 days with a virus home furnace/air filter; such 3M virus filter for around $19. In public, 3 layers of clothes and a virus mask can help. It appears that the self-quarantine efforts are working as the humans are all working together to contain the virus. However, please use caution. The data reflects that the efforts were very helpful by all of the people, so it could come to an end as early as 2020-03-30.

Chinese (Zh?ngwn)

Pngln: Rnmen rnwi miǎny xtǒng jio ru hu dǎozh chunrǎn xng sǐwng lǜ ddo 19.63%(Cnhu lǜ 80.37%). Dnsh, nxiē miǎny xtǒng fēichng qing de rn kěnng gēnběn miyǒu rnh zhngzhung. J gūj, gāi bng de chunrǎn xng sǐwng lǜ jǐn wi 0.963%(Cnhu lǜ 99%). Rnwi gǎnrǎn zhě zi zuchū de 3 zh 24 tiān (qinfq) miyǒu zhngzhung. Jiny de gl sh shǐyng bngd jiāyng l/kōngq gulǜ q de 24 tiān jiǎny; zh zhǒng 3M bngd gulǜ q de jig yuē wi 19 měiyun. Zi gōnggng chǎngsuǒ, kěyǐ chuān 3 cng yīf h di fngd minj. Kn li, suzhe rnli gngtng nǔl zh gāi bngd, zwǒ jiǎny gōngzu zhngzi fāhuī zuyng. Dnsh, qǐng jǐnshn shǐyng. Shj biǎomng, zhxiē nǔl du suǒyǒu rn dōu yǒu hěn d bāngzh, yīncǐ zuzǎo kěyǐ zi 2020-03-30 jish.


BENNN MONEY Comments: Palladium is remaining flat, since the coronavirus has decreased the quantity of catalytic converters from the new China 2020-01 clean air mandate for all new 2020 and beyond automobiles/motor bikes. Therefore, Palladium & Palladium mining will likely increase after the coronavirus has been eliminated from China when there are more vehicles on the streets and mainly more vehicles being purchased of the years 2020 and beyond.
Conclusion: Palladium is expected to rise from 2020-06 to 2020-12 and Tron (TRX) is expected to rise from 2020-01 to 2020-06. The price of oil is also expected to rise after the coronavirus ends from 2020-06 to 2020-12.

Chinese (Zh?ngwn)

BENNN MONEY pngln: Yuy gu?nzhung bngd ji?nsh?ole x?n “zh?nggu 2020-01 nin q?ngji k?ngq zh?lng”(shyng y su?y?u 2020 nin j y?hu de su?y?u j? dngch? j mtu? ch?) de cu?hu zhu?nhu q de shling, b? j?n b?och b bin. Y?nc?, zi ji? shng y?u gng du? ch?ling xngsh? qi? zh?yo shi zi 2020 nin j y?hu gum?i de ch?ling jio du? de qngkung xi, cng zh?nggu toti gu?nzhung bngd hu, b? h b? de k?ic?i ling k?nng hu z?ngji?. Jiln: B? j?n yj jing zi 2020-06 nin zh 2020-12 ninji?n shngsh?ng, r Tron(TRX) yj ji?ng cng 2020-01 nin zh 2020-06 ninji?n shngsh?ng. Gu?nzhung bngd cng 2020-06 nin do 2020-12 nin jish hu, shyu jig y? y?uwng shngzh?ng.

Perhaps, INOVIO (NASDAQ:INO) can save thousands or millions of humans & animals (hopefully)! Please do not do it for the money if you are going to buy, do it for the humans & animals.


INO (E*Trade)
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The Multi-Cart below was last updated on: 2020-01-31

The market will reopen on: 2020-02-03

The new technology that "INO" utilizes only takes days instead of years.

Recommended Vaccine:
INO (E*Trade)

All Vaccines:
INO (E*Trade)
VIR (E*Trade)
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NNVC (E*Trade)

Test Kits:

Protective Gear:
APT (E*Trade)
LAKE (E*Trade)



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URGENT WARNING - Greta Thunberg on Averting a Climate Apocalypse | DAVOS 2020 (video below)

Audio: English

A very special thank you to Greta Thunberg at DAVOS 2020. Day0 would like to directly thank you for your climate warnings. In fact day0's free servers are burning from too many viewers as well.

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