We have to wait for all of the visitors to go away... The servers are still over loading...

https://963hybrid.tk, Official Site, as of 2019-10 is now: https://day0.tk/h or https://bennn.tk/h or https://illuminatedeconomicsolutions.tk/h | Hint: Ctrl +/- to zoom. | Mirror: https://bennn.000webhostapp.com/h | Purpose the day zero projects are an elite off-shore alternative server for knowledge officially operated by Bennn Dottk!

The servers are still overloaded. Please donate!

2020-01-20 11:00am EST (New York)

Currently: 224 (Unique IPs)... Free Server Limit: 99.9 (Unique IPs)

SERVERS ARE STILL OVERLOADING FROM 99+ UNIQUE DAILY VISITORS. 1 VIEWER IS REQUIRED TO PLEASE DONATE $41.82 USD IMMEDIATELY TO UPGRADE SERVER LIMIT FOR 24 MONTHS. I asked for $9.63 USD; however no one donated, so now it is $41.82 USD (the full cost). However, no one is going to donate, so bennn.io day0.tk & bennn.tk sites will permanently shut down automatically by the AI on 2020-01-22.

However, 3 viewers can each send $13.94 USD or 9 viewers can each send $4.64.

Amazon.com e-gift cards are accepted too; email them to: 000000000000000@protonmail.ch

BTC: 1Dug8K3GHh7sM6DwREkgww5gdpgRZkBqpw
ETH: 0xebd6dd34ead65d3ec9f222bfc83368e0312a0459
LTC: Lf9Qip2zxFYmsqmuVbRxubnVsYwbYseUDD
GUSD: 0xa686e01ee958c6fa5ce9dac8a025bb7bda1c377c
TUSD: 0x406b5fa1bb6aacb0afabaacb4128227a67c39704
USDC: 0xda7f96de674c1ccea30eea41e39fb39f99a14ad9
POT: PS8ZoDeYn3j7CwoViiAQxpucgVaY3SsuRZ
ETC: 0x8074ab6abf69e78a96a85c00a30452b709d8b520
Amazon e-gift card: 000000000000000@protonmail.ch
(there are 15 zeros in the email)

The only thing I can offer while one waits for all of the people to go away is the most popular page "Multi-View" for stocks & cryptos here:

After downloading the file via .torrent software "Multi-View" actually can run off your hard drive! Just open the .html file with your internet browser. :-) I will try and seed it around 9am to 9 pm EST (New York)

The power is yours... all one has to do is make the donation to cool down the over heated servers. Then even more visitors can see the site.

"On the island of hell; the free servers would over heat from 0 donations. No one would share the money. The island of heaven had no server limitations, because everyone would share the money."

There are about 396,000 views per year from around 73,000 unique IPs. If every one of the 73,000 unique visitors would share $0.00057287671 USD then there would be unlimited server potential. Which is like cutting a penny in half over & over & still not sharing it. So now we have to wait for all of the people to go away or donate. It may take awhile. Please return once per week.

Who has been donating already? They are all so very kind! Thank you!

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